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Easy, Express Prescription Transfers

That's right, not only are our transfers EASY but we're FAST at filling them!

All we need is to know your name and who we're calling and we're on it! We will gladly call any pharmacy for your prescriptions and we'll work with your doctor's office(s) to get refills on expired or out-of-refill prescriptions.

Generally, transfer requests will take approximately 30 minutes, depending on the pharmacy we're calling, but sometimes take longer. We'll be glad to talk to you about your prescriptions as we're working on them and getting them ready for you.

How do I get my prescriptions transferred?

Very good question!

The absolute best way is to give our staff a call! You can call us at 228-762-5664 and tell one of our staff members who and where to call and we'll get them transfered. We'll strive for having your prescriptions filled and ready before you get here!

Another way is to stop by our pharmacy and let us know your information and where we're calling to get your prescriptions transfered here. We're located at 2952 Market Street .

Additionally, you can email us your information and we'll be glad to contact the other pharmacies and have them transfer your prescriptions over.

For questions please call


Will my insurance cover it?

Very good questioin! Most insurances will cover or pay for your compounded medication. Certain ingredients aren't covered by some insurances which would require you to pay for these prescriptions out of pocket.

However, with that being said, you can always submit the prescription/compound to your insurance for reimbursement. Some insurance companies refuse to pay directly to the pharmacy for the compounds and this requires the patient to submit a paper claim.

Facts about compounding

We can compound Pet Prescriptions!

Compounds generally take 24 hours or less!

We can provide you with an alternative dosage method!

We can create just about any prescription in just about any dosage form!

We do all of the hard work to get your prescriptions transferred to our pharmacy

We offer EASY prescription transfers! Contact us for more information on how to get your prescriptions transferred!